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2016-2017 Graduate Courses

Course List Legend

  • F = a half-year course in the first term (September – December)
  • S =a half-year course in the second term (January– April)
  • Y =a full-year course (September – April)
  • (J) indicates a joint Graduate / Undergraduate course
  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • R = Thursday
  • F = Friday

Course List

F and Y classes begin September 12, 2016
S and Y classes begin January 9, 2017

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Course Number Title Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS1997H-F The Practice of History (MAs only) Section 1 - M 1-3
Section 2 - M 6-8
NF 235 A. Hood and L. Loeb
HIS1016H - F Historical Readings in Gender and Sexuality T 5-7 UC 255 Y. Wang
HIS1118H - F (J) Canada By Treaty F 10-12 SS 2112 H. Bohaker
HIS1142Y (J) Canadian Foreign Relations W 10-12 LA 214 R. Bothwell
HIS1168H-F (J) Topics in History: The Sex Trade in Canadian and Comparative Contexts TBA UC 257 L. Bertram
HIS1200H - F Readings in European Intellectual History M 3-5 UC B203 W. Nelson
HIS1234H - F Topics in Early Modern France T 10-12 UC 51 P. Cohen
HIS1269H - F (J) Social History of Medicine R 4-6 FG 77 E. Shorter
HIS1270H-F (J) History of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Illness F 10-12 FG 77 E. Shorter
HIS1279H-F (J) WWII in Eastern and East Central Europe TBA UC D301 P. Wróbel
HIS1282H - F Totalitarian Culture W 1-3 ES B149 T. Lahusen
HIS1283H - F (J) Medieval Baltic R 5-7 SS 2116 J. Kivimae
HIS1289Y (J) Twentieth Century Ukraine (joint JHP454) W 3-5 UC 53 P. Magocsi
HIS1296H-F Stalinism T 4-6 UC 330 L. Viola
HIS1301H-F History of Food and Drink W 1-3 SS 1080 J. Pilcher
HIS1440H-F (J) Irish Nationalism in Canada R 10-12 TF 101 D. Wilson
HIS1531H-F American Political History since 1877 M 4-6 UC 177 R. Kazal
HIS1552H - F Historical Perspectives on Gender and Migration T 5-7 SS 2101 F. Iacovetta
HIS1680H - F Gender, Culture, and the Political in Modern China - NEW M 10-12 SS 2111 A. Grewal
HIS1707H-F Topics in African History: Themes, Methods and Sources in African History F 10-12 SS 2120 J. MacArthur
HIS1810H - F Indigenous Economies and Imperialism - NEW R 10-12 MS 2394 B. Gettler
HIS1820H - F Law, History, and Space - NEW M 11-1 UC 257 B. Raman
HIS1840H - F Empires in World War II - NEW R 1-3 BA B026 E. Jennings
HIS1860H - F Global Rights: A Critical History - NEW R 10-12 OI 4418 L. Van Isschot
HIS1880H - F Digital History - NEW W 11-1 OI 2281 N. Rothman and D. Gabaccia
HIS1001H - S Topics in History: Colonial Violence - Comparative Histories W 11-1 SS 2108 S. Rockel
HIS1031H-S Images as History F 1-3 RW 142 K. Coleman
HIS1117H - S Canada: Colonialism/Postcolonialism T 2-4 UC 44 S. Mills
HIS1221H - S Topics in Early Modern European Social History T 4-6 UC 257 N. Terpstra
HIS1272H-S Twentieth Century Europe: World Wars R 10-12 OI 8201 D. Bergen
HIS1278H - S Topics in 20th C German History: The Two Germanies in the Postwar Period (*currently not on ROSI - check back soon) T 4-6 UC 65 J. Jenkins
HIS1287H-S (J) Polish Jews Since the Partitions of Poland TBA SS 2104 P. Wróbel
HIS1419H - S (J) Science and Society in Britain, 1600-1800 R 3-5 SS 2101 J. Mori
HIS1664H - S (J) Religion and Society in Southeast Asia T 1-3 SS 621 N. Tran
HIS1675H - S Imperial Circulation and Diasporic Flows in the British Empire W 10-12 BA B024 J. Sharma
HIS1830H - S Critical Approaches to Historical Anthropology W 11-1 BA 2135 M. Kasturi

Equivalent Courses

Our MA and PhD students may take courses from the departments listed below for graduate history credit with the permission of the associate chair, graduate.

If you are interested: