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Julie Anderson

PhD Program


Major and Minor Fields:

The Early Middle Ages (300-1150)
The High Middle Ages (1150-1500)
Early Medieval Monasticism and Cults of Saints


Prof. Nicholas Everett

Dissertation Title:

“The uses of literacy in the Lombard duchy and principality of Benevento, 700-900”

Description of Dissertation and Research Interests:

My dissertation investigates literacy in early medieval Benevento and how documents such as charters, precepts, law codes, hagiography, inscriptions, chronicles, and poetry were used by Beneventan rulers, nobility, landowners, and monasteries.

Awards and Scholarships:

University of Toronto Fellowship, 2006-2011


Ad imitationem eius? New Approaches to the Construction of Historical Memory in the Ninth-Century Capitula of Adelchis of Benevento,” Colloquium on The Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean: New Approaches, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Feb. 2011

“Instituting the Waters: the ‘miraculous’ establishment of spiritual and secular boundaries in the hagiography of Lombard Italy, 568-774 AD.” 5th Annual Graduate History Symposium Toronto, University of Toronto, Feb. 2009.

Academic Service:

Organizer for the Pre-Modern Discussion Group 2010-2012


  • BA, Medieval Studies, New York University, 2004
  • MA, History, University of Toronto, 2006