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Equivalent Courses

Note: For students who enrolled in a History Subject POSt for the 2012-13 Academic Session or thereafter.
*For Students enrolled in a History Subject POSt prior to the 2012-13 Academic Session see ‘Substitute Courses’

The History Department website lists a number of history courses offered by other departments, such as East Asian Studies, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Classics and St. Michael’s College which can be taken for program credit.

Typically these courses are taught by faculty members who are trained as historians but whose primary appointment is in another department; they may include subjects not covered by HIS offerings.

These are considered equivalent to HIS courses for the purpose of all program requirements except the 100-level requirement, and there is no limit on the number of these courses that can be included in a student’s program.

* indicates courses no longer offered by the department.

CDN230H1 Asian Canadian History (formerly UNI230H1) Div. II
CDN390H1 Chinese Canadian Studies (formerly UNI390H1) Div. II
CIN201Y1 Film Cultures I: Art and Industry --
CLA160H1 Introduction to Classical Studies Div. III
CLA230H1 Introduction to Greek History Div. III
CLA231H1 Introduction to Roman History Div. III
CLA362H1 Early Greece Div. III
CLA363H1 Archaic and Classical Greece Div. III
CLA364H1 The Hellenistic World Div. III
CLA366H1 Topics in the Study of Greek History Div. III
CLA367H1 The Roman Republic Div. III
CLA368H1 Augustus and the Julio-Claudians Div. III
CLA369H1 The Roman Empire Div. III
CLA371H1 Topics in the Study of Roman History Div. III
EAS103H1 Premodern East Asian History Div. I
EAS105H1 Modern East Asian History (formerly EAS202Y1/HI and 204Y1) Div. I
EAS245H1 Premodern Japanese History I to the Tokugawa Shogunate Div. I
EAS246H1 Premodern Japanese History II to the Meiji Era Div. I
EAS247H1 History of Capitalism in Modern Japan Div. I
EAS271Y1 20th Century Korean History (formerly EAS271H1) Div. I
EAS348H1 Gift, Plunder and Exchange: Japan and World History Div. I
EAS357H1 From Socialism to Postsocialism: Mao’s China and Beyond Div. I
EAS364H1 Cultural Revolution Div. I
EAS372H1/Y1 The Postwar, Cold War and Divided Koreas Div. I
EAS374H1 Modern Japan and Colonialism Div. I
EAS375H1 Postwar Japan: Crisis, Apocalypse Div. I
EAS384H1 Medieval Japan Div. I
EAS457H1 Special Topics in Modern Japanese History Div. I
EAS459H1 Rethinking the Cold War in East Asia Div. I
EAS464H1 The Korean War Div. I
EAS465H1 Domesticity and the Family in 20th Century East Asia Div. I
EAS473H1 Modern Korean History Seminar Div. I
EAS475H1 Issues in East Asian Historiography Div. I
EAS484H1 The Japanese Empire Div. I
NMC245H1 Women in the Ancient World Div. I
NMC270H1 History of Syriac Christianity Div. I
*NMC271H1 Arabia Before Islam Div. I
*NMC272H1 Byzantines to Seljuks Div. I
NMC273Y1 Early Islamic History: The Prophet and the Caliphates Div. I
NMC274H1 The Steppe Frontier in Eurasian and Islamic History (formerly NMC274Y1) Div. I
NMC275H1 The Mongol Empire and the World it Made (formerly NMC274Y1) Div. I
*NMC275H1 Muslims & Jews: The Medieval Encounter Div. I
*NMC276Y1 Social Movements and Civil Society in the Middle East Div. I
NMC277H1 Topics in Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations: (The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives) Div. I
NMC278H1 Introduction to the Modern Middle East (formerly NMC278Y1) Div. I
*NMC324H1 Greek Speaking Judaism of the Second Temple Period Div. I
NMC343H1 History of Ancient Egypt I: Predynastic Period to Middle Kingdom (formerly NMC371Y1) Div. I
NMC344H1 History of Ancient Egypt II: Second Intermediate Period to Greco-Roman Period (formerly NMC371Y1) Div. I
NMC346H1 Ancient Mesopotamia I: Sumerians and Akkadians (formerly NMC371Y1) Div. I
NMC347H1 Ancient Mesopotamia II: Assyrians and Babylonians (formerly NMC371Y1) Div. I
NMC348Y1 History of Iran from the Sasanians to the Safavids (formerly NMC375Y1, 348H1, 349H1) Div. I
NMC349Y1 Ancient Persia Div. I
NMC351H1 Dead Sea Scrolls (formerly NMC250H1) Div. I
*NMC353H1 Pre-Ottoman Anatolia and the Ottoman State Div. I
*NMC354H1 Intellectuals of the Arab World in the Late Ottoman Period Div. I
NMC355H1 The Ottoman Empire in the Age of Reform, 1808-1918 Div. I
*NMC357H1 Communications Media of the Middle East (formerly NMC357Y1) Div. I
*NMC358H1 Mass Media, The Middle East & The West (formerly NMC357Y1) Div. I
NMC370H1 Ancient Israel (formerly NMC370H1) Div. I
NMC373H1 Iran in the 20th Century (formerly NMC373Y1) Div. I
NMC374H1 History of Islamic Egypt (formerly NMC374Y1) Div. I
NMC376H1 History of Islamic Spain and North Africa (640-1492) Div. I
NMC377Y1 The Ottoman Empire to 1800 (formerly NMC377H1, 353H1) Div. I
NMC378H1 Themes in Modern Arab History (formerly NMC378Y1) Div. I
NMC451H1 Iranian Constitutional Revolution (formerly NMC359Y1/359H1) Div. I
NMC471H1 Topics in Early & Medieval Islamic History Div. I
NMC472H1 Theory & Method in Middle East Studies Div. I
NMC473H1 Intellectuals of the Modern Arab World (formerly NMC385Y1/355H1) Div. I
NMC475H1 Orientalism & Occidentalism Div. I
*NMC476H1 Violence and Civil Society in the Middle East (formerly NMC477Y1) Div. I
*NMC477H1 Nationalist Movements in the Middle East (formerly NMC477Y1) Div. I
NMC478H1 Readings in the Modern History of Arab Societies Div. I
NMC479H1 Histories of Nationalism in the Arab World (formerly NMC479Y1) Div. I
NEW421H1 Global Perspectives on the Haitian Revolution Div. I
CDN230H1 Asian Canadian History Div. II
CDN280H1 Canadian Jewish History Div. II
VIC203Y1 Empire and Globalization Div. III
VIC225H1 History of Material Culture Div. III
VIC240Y1 The Civilization of Renaissance Europe Div. III
VIC346H1 The Idea of the Renaissance Div. III
VIC348H1 The Renaissance in the Cities Div. III
VIC440Y1 Florence and the Renaissance Div. III