The entrance to the Department of History’s office in Sidney Smith Hall

Jan Noel

Associate Professor Emerita

Office Location:  Erindale Hall Residence, 1525 Outer Circle, Room 307D


Professor Noel’s interests include Early Canada as well as comparative colonial and gender history. Her latest book is Along a River: The First French Canadian Women (UTP 2013). Noel is author of some 35 refereed articles, chapters and books, including the much-reprinted "New France: Les Femmes Favorisees". She received the New York History Society’s 2014 Kerr prize for her work on aboriginal women in the fur trade. Her earlier work, Canada Dry: Temperance Crusades before Confederation, received the Canadian Historical Association’s Macdonald Prize. Professor Noel is a past coordinator of Gender Studies at her UTM Department and current coordinator of its Heads Up Writing Program.

Authored Publications:


  • PhD, University of Toronto
Photo of Jan Noel