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Recent Dissertations Defended 


Thesis Title


Rebecca Carter-Chand 

Doing Good in Bad Times: The Salvation Army in Germany, 1886-1946

D. Bergen

Veronique Church-Duplessis 

Aristocrats into Modernity: French Emigres and the Refashioning of Noble Identities 

J. Mori

Amy Huras 

Castilianization in the Archdiocese of Lima, 1600-1700

K. Mills

Brendan Kelly 

Marcel Cadieux, the Department of External Affairs and Canadian International Relations: 1941-1970

B. Bothwell

Stefanie Kennedy 

Remembered in the Body': Disability and Slavery in England and the Caribbean 1500-1834

M. Newton

Mark Laszlo-Herbert  

The Construction and transformation of Socialist Space in the Planned Cities of Stalinstadt and Sztálinváros

T. Lahusen

Meaghan Marian 

Fever Dreams: Infectious Disease, Epidemic Events, and the Making of Hong Kong

T. Lam

Jonathan McQuarrie 

From Farm to Firm: Canadian Tobacco c. 1860-1950

S. Penfold

Oleksandr Melnyk 

Historical Politics, Legitimacy Contests and the (Re)-Construction of Political Communities in Ukraine during the Second World War

L. Viola

J. Peters Mersereau 

Mobilizing Light and Shadow: Popular Nationalism, Political Culture, and the Early German Cinema, 1895-1918

J. Jenkins

Richard Pilkington 

A "Time When Principles Make Best Politics"? The Western Response to "Genocide" in East Pakistan

R. Pruessen

Colin Rose 

Homicide in Northern Italy: Bologna, 1600-1700

N. Terpstra

Kathryn Segesser 

Disordered Eating as Leitfaden through Late Eighteenth-Century Psychiatry 

E. Shorter

Sarah Tracy

Delicious: A History of Monosodium Glutamate and Umami, the Fifth Taste Sensation

M. Murphy

Michael Wilcox 

Cultivating Conformity and Safeguarding Catholicism: The Christian Brothers and their Schools in Ontario, 1851-1962

M. McGowan


Thesis Title 


Jennifer Evans

Telling Stories of Food, Community and Meaningful Lives in Post-1945 North Bay, Ontario

F. Iacovetta

Stacy Hushion 

“Intimate Encounters and the Politics of German-Occupied Belgium, 1940-44/45” 

D. Bergen 

Elizabeth Jewett 

Behind the Greens: Understanding Golf Course Landscapes in Canada, 1873-1945 

L. MacDowell

Daniel Laxer 

“Listening to the Fur Trade: Sound, Music, and Dance in Northern North America, 1760-1840” 

H. Bohaker and A. Greer 

Merci-Noula Mina 

“Homeland Activism, Public Performance, and the Construction of Identity: An Examination of Greek Canadian Transnationalism, 1900s-1990s” 

F. Iacovetta 

Dennis Molinaro 

“State Repression and Political Deportation in Canada, 1919-1936” 

I. Radforth 

Benjamin Pottruff 

“The Anarchist Peril: Industrial Violence and the Propaganda of Fear in Turn of the Century America, 1886-1908” 

R. Halpern 

Lilia Topouzova 

“Reclaiming Memory: The History and Legacy of Concentration Camps in Communist Bulgaria” 

L. Viola and T. Lahusen 

Ann Wolfgram (Brodeur) 

Indulgences and Solidarity in Late Medieval England

J. Goering


Thesis Title 


Nathan Cardon 

“A Dream of the Future”: Race, Empire, and Modernity at the Atlanta and Nashville International Expositions, 1895-1897 

R. Halpern 

John Dirks 

“Managing a Cooperative Disagreement: Canada, The United States Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-1980” 

R. Bothwell 

Dustin Galer 

“Hire the Handicapped!: Disability Rights, Economic Integration and Working Lives in Toronto, Ontario, 1962-2005” 

I. Radforth 

Brandon King 

“America’s Search for Control in Iraq in the Early Cold War, 1953-1961” 

R. Pruessen 

Sarah Loose 

“Charity and the Economy of Power: The Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala and Siena’s Network of Charity in the Sixteenth Century” 

N. Terpstra 

Patrick Mannion 

“The Irish Diaspora in Comparative Perspective: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Portland, Maine, 1880-1923” 

M. McGowan 

Nicholas Matte 

“Historicizing Liberal American Transnormativities: Medicine, Media, Activism, 1960-1990” 

E. Brown 

Janine Riviere 

“Dreams in Early Modern England: Frameworks of Interpretation” 

B. Todd 

Ian Rocksborough-Smith 

“Contentious Cosmopolitans: Black Public History and Civil Rights in Cold War Chicago, 1942-1972” 

R. Halpern 

Daniel Rosenthal 

“Decomposing Identities: Shifting Perceptions of Death and Burial Among Jews in Interwar Poland” 

D. Penslar 

Candace Sobers 

“Africa’s Czechoslovakia: Internationalism and (trans)national liberation in Angola, 1961-1976” 

R. Pruessen 

Jared Toney 

“Locating Diaspora: Afro-Caribbean Migrations and the Transnational Dialectics of Race and Community in North America, 1910-1929” 

R. Kazal 


Thesis Title 


Auri Berg 

“Reform in the Time of Stalin: Nikita Khrushchev and the Fate of the Russian Peasantry” 

L. Viola 

Seth Bernstein 

“Communist Upbringing under Stalin: The Political Socialization and Militarization of Soviet Youth, 1934-1941” 

L. Viola 

Samuel Cohen 

“Heresy, Authority and the Bishops of Rome in the Fifth Century: Leo I (440-461) and Gelasius (492-496)” 

N. Everett 

Lykke De La Cour 

“From ‘Moron’ to ‘Maladjusted’: Eugenics,Psychiatry, and the Regulation of Women, Ontario,1930s-1960s” 

F. Iacovetta 

Svitlana Frunchak 

“The Making of Soviet Chernivtsi: National “Re-unification,” World War II, and the Fate of Jewish Czernowitz in Postwar Ukraine” 

L. Viola 

Jodie Giesbrecht 

“Killing the Beast: Animal Death in Canadian Literature, Hunting, Photography, Taxidermy, and Slaughterhouses, 1865-1920” 

I. Radforth 

Anna Hajkova 

“The Inmate Society of Theresienstadt: A Laboratory of the Middle Class. Social History of the Theresienstadt Transit Ghetto, 1941-1945” 

D. Bergen 

Nadia Jones-Gailani 

“Iraqi Women in Disapora: Resettlement, Religion, and Remembrance in the Iraqi Dispora in Toronto and Detroit, 1890 to Present” 

F. Iacovetta 

Nina Kouprianova 

“Revolution, Tradition and Modernity: Russian Consumer Advertising in the Era of NEP” 

T. Lahusen 

Nicholas May 

“Feasting on the AAM of Heaven: The Christianization of the Nisga’a, 1860-1920” 

A. Greer and H. Bohaker 

David Smith 

“French like the others: Colonial Migrants in Wartime France, 1939-1947” 

E. Jennings 


Thesis Title 


Brian Beaton 

“Everyday Data” 

M. Murphy 

Camille Begin 

“America Eats: Taste and Race in the New Deal Sensory Economy” 

D. Bender 

Helen M. Dewar 

“’Y establir nostre auctorité: Assertions of Imperial Sovereignty through Proprietorships and Chartered Companies in New France, 1598-1663” 

A. Greer 

Jason C. Dyck 

“The Sacred Historian’s Craft: Francisco de Florencia and Creole Identity in Seventeenth-Century New Spain” 

K. Mills 

Bakary Gibba 

“The West Indian Mission to West Africa: The Rio Pongas Mission 1850-1963” 

M. Klein 

Alexandra E. Guerson De Oliveira 

“Coping with Crises: Christian-Jewish Relations in Catalonia and Aragon, 1380-1391” 

M. Meyerson 

Geoffrey R. Hamm 

“British Intelligence and Turkish Arabia: Strategy, Diplomacy, and Empire, 1898-1918” 

J. Retallack 

Holly Karibo 

“Ambassadors of Pleasure: Illicit Economies in the Detroit-Windsor Borderland, 1945-1960” 

D. Bender 

Michal Kasprzak 

“Nationalism and Internationalism: Theory and Practice of Marxist Nationality Policy from Marx and Engels to Lenin and the Communist Workers’ Party of Poland” 

A. Rossos 

Jean-Francois Lozier 

“In Each Other’s Arms: France and the St. Lawrence Mission Villages in War and Peace, 1630-1730” 

A. Greer 

Bradley J. Miller 

“Emptying the Den of Thieves: International Fugitives and the Law in British North America/Canada, 1819-1910” 

S. Penfold 

Michelle J. Patterson 

“’Red Teaspoons of Charity’: Zhenotdel, the Communist Party and Russian Women, 1919-1930” 

L. Viola 

Jennifer A. Polk 

“Constructive Efforts: The American Red Cross and YMCA in Revolutionary and Civil War Russia, 1917-1924” 

M. MacMillan 

Nathan F. Smith 

“Comrades and Citizens: Great War Veterans in Toronto, 1915-1919” 

I. Radforth 

David J. Stiles 

“Making Imperial Futures: Concepts of Empire in the Anglo-Spanish Sphere, 1763-71” 

K. Mills 

Emily Winerock 

“Reformation and Revelry: The Practices and Politics of Dancing in Early Modern England, c.1550-c.1640” 

B. Todd 


Thesis Title 


Ashleigh Androsoff 

“Spirit Wrestling: Identity Conflict and the Canadian ‘Doukhobor Problem’ 1896-1928 

M. McGowan 

Wilson Bell 

“The Gulag and Soviet Society in Western Siberia, 1929-1953” 

L. Viola 

Max Bergholz 

“None of Us Dared Say Anything: Mass Killing in a Bosnian Community during World War Two and the Postwar Culture of Silence” 

L. Viola 

Harry (Todd) Craver 

“The Negative Church of Modernity: Siegfried Kracauer, Secularization, and the Cultural Crisis in Weimar Germany” 

M. Eksteins 

Carla Hustak 

“Radical Intimacies: Sexual Ethics and the Anglo-Transatlantic Politics of Love in the Sex Reform Movement, 1900-1930” 

M. Murphy 

Sean Lafferty 

“The Edictum Theoderici: A Study of a Roman Legal Document from Ostrogothic Italy” 

N. Everett 

Paul Lawrie 

“The Negro Worker in the Progressive Imagination: Race, Labor and Evolution in the American Social Sciences 1896-1928” 

R. Halpern/D. Bender 

Denis McKim 

“Boundless Dominion: Providence, Politics and the Early Canadian Presbyterian Imagination, 1815-1875” 

M. McGowan 

Stuart Parker 

“History Through Seer Stones: Mormon Historical Though 1890-2010.” 

K. Mills 

Christopher Parsons 

“Plants and Peoples: French and Indigenous Botanical Knowledges in Colonial North America, 1600-1760” 

A. Greer 

Cara Spittal 

“The Diefenbaker Moment” 

R. Bothwell 

Tracey Thompson 

“The Ground of Empowerment: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Vision of Africa’s Past” 

R. Halpern 

Dot Tuer 

“Tigers and Crosses: The Transcultural Dynamics of Spanish-Guarani Relations in the Rio de la Plata: 1516-1580” 

K. Mills 

Peter Wronski 

“Combat, Memory and Remembrance in Confederation Era Canada: The Hidden History of the Battle of Ridgeway, June 2, 1866” 

R. Bothwell 


Thesis Title 


Laurie Bertram 

“New Icelandic Ethnoscapes: Material, Visual and Oral Terrains of Cultural Expression in Icelandic-Canadian History, 1875-Present.” 

F. Iacovetta 

Christine Berkowitz 

“Railroad Crossings: The Transnational World of North America, 1850-1910.” 

R. Halpern 

Brendan Cook 

“The Utopia of Sir Thomas More and the Influence of Lorenzo Valla’s On Pleasure.” 

K. Bartlett 

Jack Cunningham 

“Nuclear Sharing and Nuclear Crises: A Study in Anglo-American Relations, 1957-63.” 

R. Bothwell 

Katie Edwards 

“Le Mal Jaune: The Memory of the Indochina War in France, 1954-2006” 

E. Jennings 

Victoria Freeman 

‘’Toronto Has no History!’: Indigeneity, Settler Colonialism and Historical Memory in Canada’s Largest City” 

C. Morgan 

Erin Hochman 

“Staging the Nation, Staging Democracy: The Politics of Commemoration in Germany and Austrian 1918-1934” 

J. Jenkins 

Joseph Kelly 

“Organized for a Fair Deal: African-American Railway Workers in the Deep South, 1900-1940.” 

R. Halpern 

Tomaz Jardim 

“The Mauthausen War Crimes Trial and American Justice in Germany.” 

M. Marrus 

Amanda Lepp 

“The Rooster’s Egg: Maternal Metaphors and Medieval Men” 

J. Goering 

Mairi MacDonald 

“The Challenge of Guinean Independence, 1958-1971” 

R. Pruessen 

Sophie Roberts 

“Jews, Citizenship and Antisemitism in French Colonial Algeria” 

D. Penslar/E. Jennings 

Jon Soske 

“Wash Me Black Again: African Nationalism, the Indian Diaspora and Kwa-Zulu Natal, 1944-60.” 

S. Hawkins