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Fall/Winter Courses 2017-2018

The Department offers 100-level, 200-level, 300-level, and 400-level History (HIS) courses.

Please Note:

  • Course descriptions are not final and may be changed at or before the first class.
  • For enrolment instructions, students should consult the 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Timetable.
  • Prerequisites will be enforced rigorously. Students who do not have the relevant prerequisite(s) may be removed from the course after classes begin. Specific questions regarding prerequisites for a course can be answered by the course instructor. Where there are two course instructors, an asterisk (*) indicates the Course Coordinator.

Course Timetable

Course numbers are linked to course descriptions. The courses below are listed in numerical order. The descriptions here are fuller than those in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar.

These lists show only those courses which will be offered in the 2017-2018 Sessions. For brief descriptions of courses not offered in the current year, refer to the Arts & Science Calendar: History.

Course Nomenclature

  • Y1-Y is a full course, both terms
  • Y1-F is a full course, first term (fall session)
  • Y1-S is a full course, second term (winter session)
  • H1-F is a half course, first term (fall session)
  • H1-S is a half course, second term (winter session)

100-level HIS courses are designed for students entering university. They take a broad sweep of material, and introduce students to the methods and techniques of university study. Each week, students will attend two lectures given by the course professor, and participate in one tutorial led by a teaching assistant. First year courses are not considered to be in an "area" for program requirements.

No student may take more than one 100-level HIS course, but all students enrolled in a history specialist, major, or minor program must take one 100-level HIS course.

The department also offers at least two 199Y seminar courses each year (see listings below). These are limited to twenty students each. Some previous courses offered by the Department of History include Film on History – History on Film, Comparative First-Wave Feminism, African Roots: The African Slave Trade in the Diaspora. You will work more closely with the professor and other students, and gain a more intense training in historical methods. Normally, the 199Y courses cannot be used to fulfill program requirements, but they can be used as breadth requirements. For more information, consult The First Year Seminar Booklet, which will be available during registration.

Course Code & Section Course Title Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS100Y1-Y, L0101 History of the Arctic MW2 TBA A. Smith/H. Bohaker
HIS102Y1-Y, L0101 Empires, Encounters and Exchanges TR3 TBA C. Chin
HIS103Y1-Y, L0101 Statecraft & Strategy MW2 TBA T. Sayle
HIS103Y1-Y, L5101 Statecraft & Strategy M6-8 TBA V. Dimitriadis
HIS106Y1-Y, L0101 The African Diaspora in the Americas, 1492-1804 TR3 TBA T. Walker
SII199H1-S, L0261 Medieval Medicine W10-12 TBA N. Everett
SII199Y1-Y, L0261 Facts and Fiction. Revisiting Controversies of the Second World War T5-7 TBA V. Dimitriadis

200-level HIS courses are surveys that introduce in broad outlines the history of a particular country, region, continent, or theme. Most are essential background for further upper-level study in the area. Students will generally attend two lectures and participate in one tutorial each week. The 200-level courses are open to first year students as well as those in higher years.

The department regularly offers a number of HIS 299Y Research Opportunity Programs, which are open only to students in their second year. In this course, you work as a Research Assistant to a professor on a particular subject. In past years, students in HIS 299Y courses have done oral history interviews, sought out manuscripts in provincial archives, and gathered primary source documents in the university libraries. Students in their first year should check with the Faculty Registrar in February for the list of ROPs that will be offered in the following academic year.

Course Code & Section Course Title Division Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS202H1-F, L0101 Gender, Race and Science Div. II/III T3-5 TBA TBA
HIS205H1-S, L5101 Topics in Women's History: TBA varies R5-7 TBA C. Dale
HIS208Y1-Y, L0101 History of the Jewish People Div. I/III MW11 TBA O. Yehudai
HIS220Y1-Y, L0101 The Shape of Medieval Society Div. III TR10 TBA K. Lindeman
HIS221H1-F, L0101 African American History to 1865 Div. II T4-6 TBA C. Johnson
HIS222H1-S, L0101 African American History from 1865 to the Present Div. II T4-6 TBA C. Johnson
HIS230H1-F, L0101 Indigenous and Early Colonial Caribbean History Div. II T10-12 TBA M. Newton
HIS231H1-S, L0101 Revolution and Emancipation in the Colonial Caribbean Div. II T10-12 TBA B. Fisk
HIS241H1-F, L0101 Europe in the 19th Century, 1815-1914 Div. III TR1 TBA V. Dimitriadis
HIS242H1-S, L0101 Europe in the 20th Century Div. III R10-12 TBA P. Wróbel
HIS243H1-F, L0101 Early Modern Europe, 1450-1648 Div. III M5-7 TBA K. Bartlett
HIS244H1-S, L0101 Early Modern Europe, 1648-1815 Div. III M5-7 TBA K. Macfarlane
HIS245H1-S, L0101 European Colonialism, 1700-1965 Div. III W10-12 TBA E. Jennings
HIS250Y1-Y, L0101 History of Russia, 860-1991 Div. III MW11 TBA A. Smith
HIS262H1-S, L0101 Canada: A Short History of Here - MW11 TBA H. Bohaker
HIS264H1-F, L0101 Critical Issues in Canadian History Div. II W1-3 TBA S. Penfold
HIS271Y1-Y, L5101 American History Since 1607 Div. II W6-8 TBA D. Cucuz
HIS280Y1-Y, L0101 History of China Div. I TR3 TBA Y. Wang
HIS282Y1-Y, L0101 History of South Asia Div. I TW1 TBA R. Birla
HIS283Y1-Y, L0101 Southeast Asian Crossroads Div. I T1-3 TBA N. Tran
HIS291H1-F, L0101 The History of Colonial Latin America Div. II T4-6 TBA T. Walker
HIS292H1-S, L0101 Latin America: The National Period Div. II MW10 TBA L. van Isschot
HIS295Y1-Y, L0101 African History and Historical Methodology Div. I M2-4 TBA N. Musisi/R. Callebert

300-level HIS courses are more specialized and intensive. They deal with more closely defined periods or themes. They vary in format, with some being based around lectures, and others involving tutorial or discussion groups. Most 300-level courses have prerequisites, which are strictly enforced. First year students are not permitted to enrol in 300 or 400-level HIS courses. Although some upper level courses do not have specific pre-requisites, courses at the 300 and 400-level are demanding and require a good comprehension of history.

Course Code & Section Title Division Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS300H1-F, L0101 Energy and Environment in North American History - Cancelled Div. II -- TBA --
HIS303H1-F, L0101 The Mediterranean, 600-1300: Crusade, Colonialism, Diaspora Div. III T2-4 TBA K. Lindeman
HIS304H1-F, L0101 Topics in Middle East History: Arab-Israeli Conflict Div. I T11-1 TBA O. Yehudai
HIS306H1-S, L0101 Islam and Muslims in the Balkans Div. III T2-4 TBA M. Methodieva
HIS308H1-S, L0101 The Mediterranean, 1300-1700 Div. III T2-4 TBA K. Lindeman
HIS309H1-F, L0101 The European Reformations Div. III T2-4 TBA N. Terpstra
HIS310H1-S, L0101 Histories of North American Consumer Culture Div. II T1-3 TBA S. Penfold
HIS311Y1-Y, L0101 Introduction to Canadian International Relations Div. II/III TR2 TBA R. Bothwell
HIS312H1-F, L0101 Immigration to Canada Div. II T3-6 TBA I. Radforth
HIS313H1-S, L0101 Canadian Labour and the Left Div. II T3-5 TBA I. Radforth
HIS317H1-F, L0101 20th Century Germany Div. III W1-3 TBA G. Wiens
HIS320H1-F, L0101 Barbarian Invasions and the Fall of the Roman Empire Div. III W10-12 TBA N. Everett
HIS324H1-F, L0101 British Imperial Experience, 1600-2000 Div. III TR4 TBA J. Mori
HIS327H1-S, L0101 Rome: The City in History Div. III T2-4 TBA K. Bartlett
HIS328H1-F, L5101 Modern China Div. I T5-7 TBA Y. Wang
HIS331H1-F, L5101 Modern Baltic History Div. III W12-2 TBA A. Kasekamp
HIS333H1-F, L0101 Catholic Asia in the Early Modern Era, 1500-1800 Div. I M1-3 TBA N. Tran
HIS335H1-F, L5101 Soviet Cultural History Div. III M5-7 TBA T. Lahusen
HIS338H1-F, L0101 The Holocaust: Preconditions, Consolidation of Nazi Power, War,and Occupation (to 1942) Div. III F10-12 TBA S. Szymanska-Smolkin
HIS339H1-S, L0101 History of Modern Israel Div. I T11-1 TBA O. Yehudai
HIS340H1-S, L0101 The Ottoman Empire, 1800-1922 Div. III R12-2 TBA M. Methodieva
HIS343H1-S, L0101 History of Modern Espionage Div. III M12-2 TBA D. Molinaro
HIS344H1-F, L5101 Conflict and Co-Operation in the International System Since 1945 Div. III W5-7 TBA T. Sayle
HIS345H1-F, L5101 History and Film - T6-8 & W6 TBA B. Jacobson
HIS347H1-F, L0101 The Country House in England, 1837-1939 Div. III TR10 TBA L. Loeb
HIS349H1-S, L0101 The British Search for Identity: 1800 to the Present Div. III TR11 TBA L. Loeb
HIS351Y1-Y, L0101 History of Twentieth Century Russia Div. III M3-5 TBA L. Viola
HIS353Y1-Y, L0101 Poland: A Crossroads of Europe Div. III T10-12 TBA P. Wróbel
HIS354H1-F, L0101 Men, Gender and Power in Europe Div. III R3-5 TBA K. Lindeman
HIS359H1-F, L0101 Regional Politics and Radical Movements in the 20th Century Caribbean Div. II W11-2 TBA M. Newton
HIS361H1-S, L0101 The Holocaust, from 1942 Div. III F10-12 TBA S. Corazza
HIS364H1-S, L0101 From Revolution to Revolution: Hungary from 1848 to 1989 Div. III W10-12 TBA R. Austin
HIS368H1-F, L0101 Early Modern Britain, 1485-1660 Div. III T11 & R11-1 TBA A. Logue
HIS372H1-S, L0101 Topics in U.S. History: The Progressive Era and Rise of Big Business Div. II M4-6 TBA C. Chin
HIS376H1-F, L0101 The United States: Now and Then Div. II TR10 TBA R. Pruessen
HIS377H1-F, L0101 20th Century American Foreign Relations Div. II F12-2 TBA C. Chin
HIS378H1-F, L0101 America in the 1960s Div. II F12-2 TBA M. Savage
HIS385H1-F, L0101 History of Hong Kong Div. I F12-2 TBA C. Lim
HIS387H1-F, L0101 France, 1610-1848 Div. III W10-12 TBA P. Cohen
HIS388H1-S, L0101 France Since 1848 Div. III T10-12 TBA E. Jennings
HIS389H1-F, L0101 Topics in History: Introduction to Archives - R3-5 TBA F. Foscarini
HIS389H1-F, L0201 Topics in History: Indigenous Newcomer Relations in Canada Div. II MW11 TBA H. Bohaker
HIS389H1-F, L0301 Topics in History:  The History of the Senses in Colonial America Div. II W3-5 TBA A. Kettler
HIS389H1-F, L0401 Topics in History:  Technologies of Reproduction -- W10-12 TBA M. Murphy
HIS389H1-S, L0101 Topics in History: Fascism Div. III R12-2 TBA A. Kasekamp
HIS391Y1-Y, L0101 Black Freedom in the Atlantic World Div. I T2-4 TBA S. Hawkins
HIS392Y1-Y, L0101 Screening Freedom - Cancelled Div. I -- TBA --
HIS393H1-S, L0101 Digital History - R2-4 TBA M. Price
HIS394H1-F, L0101 20th and 21st Century African Icons: Media and Biography Div. I W11-1 TBA N. Musisi
HIS395H1-F Independent Studies - TBA TBA Staff
HIS395H1-S Independent Studies - TBA TBA Staff
HIS395H1-Y Independent Studies - TBA TBA Staff
HIS395Y1-Y Independent Studies - TBA TBA Staff
JHA394H1-S, L0101 The Asia Pacific War Div. I R4-6 TBA T. Fujitani
JHP304Y1-Y, L0101 Ukraine: Politics, Economy and Society     Div. III TBA TBA P. Magocsi

400-level HIS courses are two-hour seminars that deal with very specialized subjects and are often closely connected to a professor’s research. Most have specific course pre-requisites and require extensive reading, research, writing, and seminar discussion, and in most you will have the opportunity to do a major research paper. All 400-level HIS courses have enrolment restrictions during the FIRST ROUND (must have completed 14 or more full courses, be enrolled in a HIS Major, Specialist or Joint Specialist program and have the appropriate prerequisite). During the SECOND ROUND of enrolment, access to 400-level seminars is open to all 3rd and 4th year students with the appropriate prerequisite. IMPORTANT: Due to significant enrolment pressure on 4th year seminars, during the first round of enrolment, the Department of History reserves the right to REMOVE STUDENTS who enrol in more than the required number for program completion (Specialists – 2; Majors, Joint Specialists – 1) without consultation.

Students in 400-level seminars MUST ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS, or contact the professor to explain their absence. Failure to do so may result in the Department withdrawing the student from the seminar in order to “free up” space for other interested students. Additional 400-level seminars for the 2015-2016 Fall/Winter Session may be added at a later date. Please check back frequently for current information. To fulfill History program requirements, students may also use 400-level courses offered by other Departments at the U of T that are designated as Related Courses. Following is a list of these 4th year courses.

The Department also offers a few joint undergraduate-graduate seminars. These are indicated in the course description. Undergraduate enrolment in joint seminars is restricted, and the expected level of performance is high.

Course Code & Section Course Title Division Day/Time Location Instructor
HIS401Y1-Y, L0101 History of the Cold War  Div. II/III T10-12 TBA R. Bothwell/M. MacMillian
HIS404H1-F, L0101 (J) Topics in U.S. History: Choosing War: U.S. Experiences, 1812-2003 Div. II T11-1 TBA R. Pruessen
HIS405Y1-Y, L0101 (J) Canadian Foreign Relations Div. II W10-12 TBA R. Bothwell
HIS419H1-F, L0101 Canada By Treaty: Alliances, Title Transfers and Land Claims Div. II F10-12 TBA H. Bohaker
HIS423H1-F, L0101 (J) The Social History of Medicine in the 19th and 20th Centuries Div. III R4-6 TBA E. Shorter
HIS430H1-F, L0101 Canadians and the World Wars Div. II/III M3-5 TBA I. Radforth
HIS435H1-S, L0101 Themes in Toronto History Div. II W1-3 TBA S. Penfold
HIS438H1-S, L0101 Inquisition & Society in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Div. III R3-5 TBA K. Lindeman
HIS442H1-S, L0101 Jews and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union Div. III T3-5 TBA L. Viola
HIS444H1-F, L0101 Topics in Jewish History: 20th Century Jewish Migration Div. III W4-6 TBA O. Yehudai
HIS451H1-F, L0101 (J) World War II in East Central Europe Div. III R10-12 TBA P. Wróbel
HIS455Y1-Y, L0101 Hacking History: Digital Projects Capstone Class - T10-1 TBA M. Price
HIS457H1-F, L5101 The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire Div. III T6-8 TBA P. Cohen
HIS466H1-F, L0101 Topics in Canadian History: The History of Education in Canada Div. II W10-12 TBA R. Sandwell
HIS466H1-S, L0101 Topics in Canadian History: Race in Canada Div. II W10-12 TBA L. Mar
HIS466H1-S, L0102 Topics in Canadian History: Energy and Daily Life in Canada, 1850-1950 Div. II T1-3 TBA R. Sandwell
HIS467H1-F, L0101 French Colonial Indochina: History, Cultures, Texts, Film Div. I/III T10-12 TBA E. Jennings
HIS474H1-S, L0101 Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery? Historical Narratives of Caribbean Decolonisation Div. II W11-1 TBA M. Newton
HIS475H1-F, L0101 Senior Thesis Seminar - M10-12 TBA Staff
HIS475H1-S, L0101 Senior Thesis Seminar - M10-12 TBA Staff
HIS476Y1-Y, L0101 Senior Thesis Seminar - M10-12 TBA Staff
HIS477H1-F, L0101 Topics in the Social and Cultural History of Victorian Britain Div. III T3-5 TBA L. Loeb
HIS489H1-F, L0101 (J) The History of Psychiatry and Psychiatric Illness Div. III F10-12 TBA E. Shorter
HIS493H1-S, L0101 The Modern Evolution of the Law of War - W10-12 TBA M. Marrus
HIS496H1-S, L0101 (J) Topics in History: Religion and Society in Southeast Asia Div. I M1-3 TBA N. Tran
HIS496H1-S, L0201 (J) Topics in History: Race, Gender and Citizenship in Latin America Div. II T11-1 TBA T. Walker
HIS496H1-S, L0301 Topics in History: Law in the British Empire Div. III T3-5 TBA J. Mori
HIS496H1-S, L0401 Topics in History: European Identity and the Politics of Remembrance Div. III W1-3 TBA A. Gerstner
HIS496H1-S, L0501 (J) Topcis in History: Historical Agency and Individualism in the Atlantic World Div. I W10-12 TBA S. Hawkins
HIS497H1-F, L0101 Animal Politics & Science - W10-12 TBA S. Hawkins
HIS498H1-F Independent Studies - TBA SS 2098 Staff
HIS498H1-S Independent Studies - TBA SS 2098 Staff
HIS499Y1-Y Independent Studies - TBA SS 2098 Staff
JHP451Y1-Y, L0101 The People from Nowhere Div. III TBA TBA P. Magocsi


The following History courses carry half or full Pre-Modern (prior to 1815) status, to fulfill program requirements.

Course Number Title Credit
HIS100Y1 History of the Arctic ½
HIS101Y1 Histories of Violence ½
HIS102Y1 Empires, Encounters, and Exchanges: From the Silk Road to the Present ½
HIS103Y1 Statecraft & Strategy ½
HIS106Y1 Natives, Settlers and Slaves: Colonizing the Americas, 1492-1804 1
HIS107Y1 Approaches to East Asian History ½
HIS109Y1 The Development of European Civilization 1350 – 1945 ½
HIS208Y1 History of the Jewish People ½
HIS220Y1 The Shape of Medieval Society 1
HIS230H1 Indigenous and Early Colonial Caribbean History ½
HIS243H1 Early Modern Europe, 1450-1648 ½
HIS244H1 Early Modern Europe, 1648-1815 ½
HIS250Y1 History of Russia ½
HIS251Y1 History of East Central Europe ½
HIS280Y1 History of China ½
HIS282Y1 History of South Asia ½
HIS283Y1 Southeast Asian Crossroads ½
HIS291H1 The History of Colonial Latin America ½
HIS293H1 The Making of the Atlantic World ½
HIS301H1 Imperial Spain ½
HIS303H1 The Mediterranean, 600-1300: Crusade, Colonialism, Diaspora ½
HIS308H1 The Mediterranean, 1300-1700 ½
HIS309H1 The European Reformations ½
HIS319H1 Renaissance France and the Wars of Religion, 1483-1610 ½
HIS320H1 Barbarian Invasions and the Fall of the Roman Empire ½
HIS321H1 Dark Age Europe, 7th-10th Centuries ½
HIS322H1 The High Middle Ages ½
HIS323H1 Rites of Passage and Daily Life in the Middle Ages ½
HIS332H1 Crime and Society in England, 1500-1800 ½
HIS333H1 Catholic Asia in the Early Modern Era, 1500-1800 ½
HIS336H1 Medieval Spain ½
HIS337H1 Culture, Politics and Society in 18th Century Britain ½
HIS353Y1 The History of Poland from the 10th Century ½
HIS355H1 A History of Pre-modern Medicine ½
HIS357Y1 A Social History of Renaissance Europe 1
HIS362H1 The Hansa: The World of Merchants ½
HIS368H1 Early Modern Britain, 1485-1660 ½
HIS373H1 Servants and Masters, 1000-1700 ½
HIS374H1 American Consumerism - The Beginnings ½
HIS403H1 Jews and Christians in Medieval and Renaissance Europe ½
HIS412Y1 Crusades, Conversion and Colonization in the Medieval Baltic 1
HIS414H1 Down and Out in Medieval Europe ½
HIS424H1 Violence in Medieval Society ½
HIS426H1 Medieval Italy, 400-1000 ½
HIS427H1 History and Historiography in the Golden Legend ½
HIS428H1 Medieval Institutes of Perfection ½
HIS432H1 Topics in Medieval History ½
HIS434Y1 Kievan Rus 1
HIS443H1 Society, Culture, and Religion in the Renaissance and Reformation ½
HIS452H1 Science and Society in Britain, 1600-1800 ½
HIS457H1 The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire ½
HIS492H1 Empire & Colonization in the French Atlantic World ½