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Related Courses

Note: For students who enrolled in a History Subject POSt for the 2012-13 Academic Session or thereafter.
*For Students enrolled in a History Subject POSt prior to the 2012-13 Academic Session see ‘Substitute Courses’

The History Department website also lists a number of courses in other departments that may be substantially historical in content but that differ in methodology or approach from an HIS course.

A limited number of these may be taken for program credit:  Specialists may use up to 2.0 FCEs and Majors up to 1 FCE of these as part of their History program.

* indicates courses no longer offered by the department.

ABS201Y1 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies Div. II
ABS301Y1 Native Language and Culture (formerly ABS200Y1) Div. II
USA300H1 Theories and Methods in American Studies: The 1920s (formerly USA300Y1) “Content varies by year; please check with the department” Div. II
USA310H1 Approaches to American Studies: Post-war? Violence and Militarism in the United States, 1945-present Div. II
USA311H1 Hellhound on my Trail: Living the Blues in the Mississippi Delta, 1890-1945 Div. II
USA400H1 Topics in American Studies I: Queer Feelings Div. II
USA401H1 Topics in American Studies II: Asian Diasporas: Migration, Memory, Imagination Div. II
USA402H1 Taking Shots at the Man: Assassination and the American Presidency Div. II
USA403H1 Thinking Out Loud: Think Tanks, Interest Groups and the Public Interest Div. II
ANT384H1 Special Topics in Society, Culture and Language - Anthropologists and Indigenous Peoples in North America Div. II
ASI400Y1 Seminar in Asia-Pacific Studies (formerly ASI300Y1) Div. I
CLA203H1 Science in Antiquity Div. III
CLA219H1 Women in Antiquity Div. III
CLA365H1 Topics in Greek Social History Div. III
CLA370H1 Topics in Roman Social History Div. III
CLA378H1 Late Antiquity (formerly CLA338H1) Div. III
CLA387H1 Late Antiquity (formerly CLA338H1) Div. III
CLA390H1 Topics in the Study of Greek Culture and Society Div. III
CLA391H1 Topics in the Study of Roman Culture and Society Div. III
EAS102Y1 Introduction to East Asian Civilizations Div. I
*EAS372H1 Early Korean History Div. I
EAS373H1 Choson History Div. I
EAS389Y1 History of Korean Religion Div. I
EAS476Y1 Democracy and History in Korea Div. I
ECO301Y1 European Economic History, 1250-1750 (formerly ECO201Y1) Div. III
ECO302H1 Comparative Economic Institutions in History (formerly ECO302Y1) Div. I/II/III
ECO303Y1 The Economic History of Modern Europe to 1914 Div. III
ECO321Y1 Canadian Economic History Since 1500 (formerly ECO221Y1) Div. II
ECO342Y1 Twentieth Century Economic History Div. I/II/III
ECO429Y1 History of Economic Thought (formerly ECO322Y1) Div. I/II/III
ECO435H1 The Economics of Modern China (formerly ECO335Y1) Div. I
ENG385H1 History of the English Language (formerly ENG367Y1) Div. III
EUR200Y1 Europe: Nation-State to Supranational Union Div. III
*EUR301Y0 Berlin Since 1945 (Summer Abroad) Div. III
FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine (offered in Tours in Summer only) (formerly FCS399Y0) Div. III
FRE318H1 Medieval French Literature (formerly FRE321H1) Div. III
FRE320H1 French Literature of Classicism and Enlightenment (formerly FRE320Y1) Div. III
*FRE322H1 The 18th Century: The Age of Enlightenment (formerly FRE322Y1) Div. III
FRE324H1 French Literature in the Time of Revolutions and Industrialization (formerly FRE324Y1) Div. III
FRE374YO French Civilization from the 18th Century to Today (Summer Abroad) Div. III
GGR107H1 Environment, Food and People (formerly GGR107Y1) Div. I/II/III
GGR240H1 Historical Geography of North America Div. II
GGR241H1 Historical Geographies of Urban Exclusion and Segregation Div. I/II/III
GGR336H1 Urban Historical Geography of North America Div. II
*GGR340H1 Regionalism in Canada Div. II
*GGR363H1 Cultural History of East European Jewish Community Div. III
*GGR364H1 Historical Geography of Ethnic Groups in Canada Div. II
GGR366H1 Historical Toronto Div. II
*GGR392H1 Research Methods in Historical Geography Div. I/II/III
GGR421H1 History & Philosophy of Geography Div. I/II/III
*GGR446H1 Approaches to Historical Geography Div. I/II/III
GER150H1 German Culture & Civilization Div. III
GER362H1 Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Culture in the Soviet Union Div. III
GER363Y1 (excl: HIS389H1F, L5101 – Summer ’06) Cultural History of East European Community 1800-2000 Div. III
GER410H1 Topics in German Intellectual History Div. III
HPS201H1 Origins of Western Technology Div. III
HPS202H1 Technology in the Modern World Div. II/III
HPS210H1 Scientific Revolutions I (formerly HPS200Y1) Div. II/III
HPS211H1 Scientific Revolutions II (formerly HPS200Y1) Div. II/III
*HPS280H1 History of Science Div. III
*HPS284H1 History of North American Technology Div. II
*HPS305H1 Technology and Society in North America Div. II
*HPS306H1 Technology and War Div. II/III
HPS307H1 History of Energy Div. II/III
JPH311H1 History of Physics (formerly HPS311H1) Div. II/III
*HPS312H1 History of Chemistry Div. II/III
HPS313H1 Two Hundred Years of Electricity Div. II/III
*HPS317H1 Mad People’s Own History Div. II/III
HPS318H1 History of Medicine I (formerly HPS314Y1) Div. III
HPS319H1 History of Medicine II (formerly HPS314Y1) Div. III
HPS324H1 Natural Science and Social Issues Div. II/III
HPS326H1 History of Science and Religion Div. III
*HPS343H1 History of Pre-Electronic Computing Div. II/III
HPS350H1 Revolution in Science Div. III
JHE353H1 History of Evolutionary Biology I (formerly HPS323H1, HPS323H1, JPS353H1) Div. II/III
JHE355H1 History of Evolutionary Biology II (formerly HPS333H1, HPS353H1, JPS355H1) Div. II/III
HPS360H1 History of Modern Cosmology Div. II/III
*HPS375H1 Science and Technology in the Realms of Islam, 600-1600, Part I: The Mathematical Sciences and their Practical Applications (formerly HPS275H1) Div. I
*HPS376H1 Science and Technology in the Realms of Islam, 600-1600, Part II: The Life Sciences (formerly HPS276H1) Div. I
HPS390H1 History of Mathematics up to 1700 Div. II/III
HPS391H1 History of Mathematics after 1700 Div. II/III
HPS410H1 History of Mathematics Div. II/III
HPS412H1 History of the Biological Sciences Div. II/III
*HPS427H1 Historical Foundations of Chemistry Div. II/III
HPS430H1 History of Technology I Div. II/III
HPS431H1 History of Technology II Div. II/III
FAH245H1 Modernism and anti-Modernism, c. 1750–1900 --
ITA233Y1 Ethnicity and Mainstream Italian Canadian Culture Div. II/III
ITA245Y1 Italian Culture & Civilization Div. III
IT356Y0/357Y0 Italian Culture from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (Summer Abroad) Div. III
ITA358Y0/359Y0 Modern Italian Culture Div. III
LAS 200Y1 Latin-America: History, Civilization and Culture (formerly IAS200Y1) Div. II
*LAS320H1 Brazil: History, Peoples, Culture (formerly IAS320H1) Div. II
JHE353H1 History of Evolutionary Biology I (formerly EEB353H1; ZOO354Y1; also listed as HPS353H1) Div. II/III
JHE355H1 History of Evolutionary Biology II (formerly EEB355H1; ZOO354Y1; also listed as HPS355H1) Div. II/III
Life Sciences: PSYCHOLOGY
PSY450H1 History of Psychology (formerly PSY300H1) Div. II/III
MAT390H1 History of Mathematics up to 1700 (also listed as HPS390H1) Div. II/III
MAT391H1 History of Mathematics up to 1700 (also listed as HPS390H1) Div. II/III
MST200Y1 Getting Medieval: The Many Middle Ages Div. III
*MGR320H Twentieth Century Greek History Div. III
NEW240Y1 Introduction to Equity Studies Div. II
NEW426H1/Y1 Special Topics in Caribbean Studies (The American Mediterranean: U.S. Imperialism and the Caribbean, 1898-1945) Div. II
NEW450H1 Advanced Topics in African Studies Div. I
*PHL102Y1 History of Western Philosophy Div. III
PHL362H1 Philosophy of History Div. I/II/III
POL200Y1 Political Theory: Visions of the Just/Good Society Div. III
POL207Y1 Politics in Europe (formerly POL302Y1) Div. III
POL305Y1 Politics and Society in Latin America Div. II
POL311Y1 Ideas and Ideologies in Canadian Politics Div. II
POL320Y1 Modern Political Thought Div. II/III
POL324Y1 European Politics in a Global World Div. III
POL337Y1 The Canadian Constitution Div. II
POL343Y1 Politics of Global Governance Div. II/III
POL345Y1 Becoming Israel: War, Peace, and the Politics of Israel's Identity Div. III
POL358Y1 Post-Colonial Questions: Politics, Knowledge, Power Div. I
POL367Y0 Australia in Transition (Summer Abroad) Div. I
POL403H1 Colonialism/PostColonialism; The Colonial State and Its Forms of Power Div. I
POL443Y1 Topics in Comparative Politics II: Politics in Modern and Contemporary Iran Div. I
POL446H1 20th Century Political Thought (formerly POL446Y1) Div. III
POL460H1 Studies in Modern Political Theory (formerly POL460Y1) Div. III
RLG100Y1 World Religions Div. I/II/III
RLG202Y1 The Jewish Religious Tradition Div. III
RLG203Y1 The Christian Religious Tradition Div. I/III
RLG204Y1 The Islamic Religious Tradition Div. I
RLG205Y1 The Hindu Religious Tradition Div. I
RLG206Y1 The Buddhist Religious Tradition Div. I
RLG241Y1 Early Christian Writings I Div. I
RLG280Y1 World Religions: A Comparative Study Div. I/II/III
RLG321H1 Early Christian Writings II Div. I
*RLG334H1 World History of Modern Christianity, 1770s-1914 Div. I/III
*RLG335H1 World History of Modern Christianity, 1914-present Div. I/III
RLG344Y1 Antisemitism Div. III
RLG350H1 The Life of Muhammad Div. I
*FIN230H1 Finland 1800-Present Div. III
SLA216Y1 The Dynamics of Polish Literature and Culture: A Survey Div. III
SLA227Y1 Croatian Cultural History (formerly SLA227H1) Div. III
SLA251H1 Origins of Slavic Civilization Div. III
SLA449H1 Russian Thinkers Div. III
SMC203Y1 Christianity Encounters the Secular World Div. III
SMC210Y1 The Medieval Tradition Div. III
SMC243Y1 Modern Welsh History Div. III
SMC309H1 Christianity, Reason and Revolution Div. III
SMC312H1 Catholicism and Education Div. II
SMC313H1 Catholic Education in Ontario Div. II
SMC320H1 The Catholic Church in Canada (formerly SMC420H1) Div. II
SMC321H1 The Catholic Church and Canadian Law Div. II
SMC337H1 Early Celtic History 450-1000 (formerly SMC345Y1) Div. III
SMC338H1 The Celtic Nations in the later Middle Ages 1000-1550 (formerly SMC345Y1) Div. III
*SMC345Y1 From Tribalism to Feudalism: Early Celtic History Div. III
SMC348H1 Early Modern Ireland (formerly SMC348Y1) Div. III
SMC357H1 The Medieval Child Div. III
SMC361H1 Medieval Law (formerly SMC405H1) Div. III
SMC378H1 Ireland Since the Famine Div. III
SMC402H1 Medieval Canon Law Div. III
SMC403H1 The Medieval Church Div. III
SMC411H1/412H1 Advanced Topics in Celtic Studies II Div. II
SMC413H1 The Irish in Canada Div. II/III
SMC414H1 The Scots in Canada Div. II/III
SMC416H1 Irish Nationalism in Canada and the United States Div. II/III
SMC421H1 Jews and Judaism in Christian Traditions Div. III
SOC203Y1 History of Social Theory Div. III
*SOC338Y1 Globalization and Labour Div. III
TRN150Y1 National versus International Div. III
TRN410H1 Selected Topics in International Studies (formerly TRN410Y1) Div. III
TRN411Y1 Selected Topics in International Studies Div. I
TRN419Y1 Comparative American, British, and Canadian Foreign Policy Div. II/III
TRN421Y1 The Practice and Institutions of Diplomacy (formerly JHP420Y1) Div. III
UNI201H1 Aspects of Quebec Society Div. II
UNI255H1 History and Perspectives in Sexual Diversity Div. I/II/III
UNI280H1 Canadian Jewish History Div. II
*UNI304H1 Beyond Multiculturalism: Ethnicity and Race in Canada Div. II
*UNI361Y0 Special Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies: Conflict in Africa: Causes, Consequences, and Responses (Summer Abroad) Div. I
UNI375H1 Special Topics in Sexual Diversity Studies Div. II
*VIC111H1 Introduction to Material Culture Div. II/III
VIC183H1 Individuals and the Public Sphere: Shaping Memory Div. III
VIC224H1/VIC224Y1 Introduction to Material Culture (formerly VIC111H1) Div. II/III
VIC343Y1 Sex and Gender (formerly VIC343H1) Div. III
WGS362H1 Selected Topics in Gender and History (formerly NEW362H1) Div. II/III
WGS462H1 Advanced Topics in Gender and History (formerly NEW462H1) Div. II/III
*WDW310H1 Crime and Society in Canadian History Div. II
*WDW410H1 History of Canadian Criminal Justice Div. II