The entrance to the Department of History’s office in Sidney Smith Hall

History Students’ Association (HSA)

The HSA aims to bring together students and professors with a common interest in history by hosting a number of social and intellectual events throughout the year. In addition, HSA members prepare the History submission for the ASSU Anti-Calendar. Periodically, the HSA publishes newsletters, and more recently, a journal of undergraduate student work, The Future of History.

Through the HSA, students are represented at meetings of the History Department as well as meetings of the Undergraduate Program Committee, thereby giving students a voice in curriculum and policy-making within the Department.

The HSA depends on the interest and participation of history students – every student who takes at least one-half course in history is a member of the student association. Course representatives are elected at the beginning of the semester, and a new Executive is elected every Spring. Student participation makes the HSA work! If you wish to become involved, drop by or leave a note at the association’s office in Sidney Smith Hall, Room 3102, email or call 416-978-4053.


Journal: The Future of History

The History Students’ Association bi-annually publishes a journal of undergraduate essays entitled “The Future of History”, featuring high quality papers from students written throughout the year for their courses. We also accept submissions from a variety of other disciplines.

Submission Guidelines

  • You can submit a maximum of two essay for consideration.
  • Also, please include in your submission email your permanent contact  information (email, phone number) so the committee can contact you  should your essay/critique be chosen.
  • For more information, please see the HSA website.

All essays must be emailed to with the heading ‘Essay Submission [year]‘.