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Professor Dan Bender’s Edible Midterm

April 6, 2017

Professor Daniel Bender of the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies and Director of the Culinaria Research Centre has moved away from a more traditional written essay midterm. Instead, Bender asks his students to apply what they have learned in lecture about cooking techniques and ingredients and prepare one of 15 different types of curry. While serving the prepared food to fellow students, staff and faculty, the students also share information about the history and uniqueness of the dishes. For students, the course and midterm provide the opportunity to apply the lessons they have learned as well as to help them appreciate the origins of their food. Read more about Professor Bender's course on U of T News, the Toronto Star and Metro News.


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Professor Dan Bender in Culinaria kitchen.
Professor Daniel Bender in Culinaria Kitchen, UTSC.