The entrance to the Department of History’s office in Sidney Smith Hall

L.J. Abray

Associate Professor Emerita

R.D. (Robert) Accinelli

Professor Emeritus

Fields of Study: Britain and Ireland; Europe; Conflict, Violence and Genocide; International Relations

C.C. (Carl) Berger

Professor Emeritus

W.C. Berman

Professor Emeritus

Fields of Study: Latin America and Caribbean

Julian Dent

Professor Emeritus

William Dick

Professor Emeritus

Harvey L. Dyck

Professor Emertius

James M. Estes

Professor Emeritus Victoria College, 91 Charles Street West, Room 207
416-585-4521, Ext. 3090

Donna Gabaccia

Donna Gabaccia

Professor Emerita Humanities Wing, 1265 Military Trail, Room 515 (UTSC)

Fields of Study: Atlantic World; Mediterranean and Middle East; United States; Food; Gender, Sex, and Sexualities; Migration/Diaspora

Fields of Study: Europe; Cultural and Intellectual; Religion and Society; Medieval

John N. Ingham

Professor Emeritus

Fields of Study: Russia

Jüri Kivimäe

Professor Emeritus Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2056

Fields of Study: Europe

Martin Klein

Professor Emeritus 300 Huron St (Wetmore Hall), Room 62

Claire La Vigna

Professor Emerita

Fields of Study: Canada; United States; Economy, Technology and Society

Fields of Study: Europe; Conflict, Violence and Genocide; State, Politics, and Law

Fields of Study: Medieval

William H. (Bill) Nelson

Professor Emeritus Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2052

Photo of Jan Noel

Jan Noel

Associate Professor Emerita Erindale Hall Residence, 1525 Outer Circle, Room 307D

Fields of Study: Canada; Empires, Colonialisms and Indigeneity; Gender, Sex, and Sexualities; Migration/Diaspora; Religion and Society; Social

Photo of Ian Radforth

Ian Radforth

Professor Emeritus University College, 15 King's College Circle, Room 247, Toronto, ON M5S 3H7

Fields of Study: Canada; Cultural and Intellectual; Economy, Technology and Society; Migration/Diaspora; Social

Andrew Rossos

Professor Emeritus

A. I. Silver

Associate Professor Emeritus

Denis Smyth

Professor Emeritus

Fields of Study: Europe; International Relations

Barbara Todd

Associate Professor Emerita

Wesley Wark

Associate Professor Emeritus

Natalie Zemon Davis

Professor Emerita (Status-only Appointment)